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December is easily the most beloved winter month. New snow, ice skating (or snowboarding), warm fires and hot chocolate. It’s a time of coming together and celebrating. And most assuredly, there is something for everyone to celebrate. Whether it’s Christmas, Mawlid, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Yule, or just plain enjoying the changing of the seasons with the Winter Solstice, whatever it is you celebrate, there’s one thing that all of those celebrations share in common: coming together to share food.

The sharing of food is a tradition that goes back as far as human history, and spans all known cultures. We share food when we want to get to know someone better. We share food when someone is sick, or sad. We share food when we spend time together as families. And we share food when we celebrate.

Knowing how much people like to celebrate this month, in addition to our yearly favorite – the Traditional – we decided to offer something special, something truly worthy of a celebration. This is why we bring to you our Holiday Godfather buffet, for the month of December only. Inspired by a rich, decadent lifestyle full of offers you “can’t refuse” the Holiday Godfather comes with a trio of seared beef tenderloin, juicy chicken breast, and succulent jumbo shrimp served atop seasoned rice and drizzled with our hearty tomato cream sauce. The perfect blend of traditional flavors with an upscale twist, this is not a dish best served cold. Instead it comes hot and ready to eat, giving you and your group a perfect excuse to stay inside and celebrate, leaving the cold outside where it belongs.

Feel free to request extra napkins to mop up the drool.

“Mouth-watering” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Paired with a fresh garden salad topped with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles and our sweet champagne vinaigrette, the Holiday Godfather is a flavor force to be reckoned with. Round that out with bistro rolls and desserts baked in house, and you’ll have something to please every palate in your group.

Is your group not the type to sit down for a meal? Not to worry, we have special holiday appetizer options for the month of December too! The Holiday Cheer comes with peanut-glazed chicken skewers, holiday flatbreads, our antipasto platter, Japanese meatball skewers, a cubed cheese and fruit tray with crackers, our holiday dessert tray, and hot mulled apple cider. Looking for something even more high end than that? The Holiday Merriment comes with mini grilled beef tenderloin and mini grilled chicken sandwiches, jumbo steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce and tomato basil sauce, a holiday brie with rosemary-infused honey and roasted pistachios, fresh vegetables crudites with two kinds of dip, our famous caramelized bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, as well as our holiday dessert tray, and hot mulled apple cider. Both appetizer buffets are available sized for either 15 people, or 25 people. Is your group larger than that? Order two 15 person buffets to serve up to 30, a 15 and a 25 person buffet to serve up to 40, or two 25 person buffets to serve up to 50!

Whatever whets your appetite this holiday season, may it bring people together in Merriment and Cheer!