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Our Spring Menu Spotlight item is the wildly popular Wall-Street Taco buffet!

Our clients can’t seem to get enough of this fun, hip, build-your-own street taco buffet and we couldn’t agree more! We slow roast our pork carnitas and melt in your mouth shredded chicken for that perfect, authentic, juicy flavor. Our pico de gallo is made from scratch daily with fresh ingredients like ripe roma tomatoes, spicy jalapenos, hand-cut cilantro, fine red onion, and a few more secret ingredients that really make the flavor pop. (But shh! Trade secrets and all, you know.) The Wall-Street Taco buffet is fancy and footloose, just the thing to liven up a stressful board meeting, while keeping the kind of upscale flavors your VIPs expect. Your guests can mix and match all of this to their hearts content with corn or flour tortillas, fajita style veggies, chopped fresh napa cabbage, mild cotija cheese crumbles, and our in-house special cilantro crema to top it all with that perfect cool zip. Each guest is sure to get the exact taco that’s right for them, because they get to be in charge – just like the boss people they are.


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