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Today, Gourmet for Good celebrated it’s 30th year serving up delicious food and premium service to Denver’s corporate scene! We surprised the owner, Mike, with a pot-luck party and an amazing strawberry layer cake (shaped like the number 30!) made by our in-house baker, Maria. No one throws a potluck quite like a bunch of people who cook for a living, so we had everything from made-from-scratch taquitos, to shrimp and avocado street tacos, to fluffy egg casserole, to gooey cinnamon “monkey bread”, and much, much more. (I may or may not have eaten enough food to feed a small army, then gone back for a plate of desserts to eat once my stomach was no longer stretched to the breaking point.)

Aside from eating ourselves silly, Mike took the opportunity to thank the staff for our hard work, and for helping the company grow and thrive as much as it has in the past 30 years. Many of the people here have been along for much of that journey. I can proudly say I’ve been with Gourmet for Good for nearly half that time at 14 years, and much of the staff today is made up of talented, dedicated individuals who’d already been here for years before I joined the ranks. Our two longest-running team members have even been here for just shy of 25 years! The only way a company gets that kind of dedication is by being a good place to work. By being honest, fair, and committed to cultivating a positive work environment. Studies show time and again that treating employees well is the best way to guarantee high-quality performance, and we believe that shows in the quality of the products we produce.

So just as Mike thanked us for all of our hard work, we in turn would like to thank all of you, our clients, for choosing us time and again to help with your events. Whether they’re small weekly check-in meetings for a single team, grand company-wide training events, or parties to celebrate everything you do for your team; we value all of them, just as we value all of you.

Thank you for a wonderful 30 years Denver, we look forward to the next 30!


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