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About Us

Most companies that try to cater meals for business meetings do it as an afterthought, or they broker the order to another company to do the work.  As a result, business meetings rarely have great food, and are easily derailed because of deliveries that are poorly executed or late.  Gourmet for Good has spent the past 31 years perfecting the science of corporate catering.  Orders are easy to place online or by phone.  They arrive marked clearly, well prepared, packaged intelligently, on time every time.  Our menu is developed in house by our Executive Chef and is scratch made fresh every day.  And rather than paying for needless overhead, we donate a portion of our profits to help address the needs of Coloradans who go to bed hungry.

About Our History

Our company was founded in 1989 by Mike Schwartz after he graduated from University of Colorado.  Mike opened his kitchen with one employee and we continue to operate at the same address.  Over the following 31 years, the business has expanded to 30 employees and adjoining spaces, and Gourmet to Go, as it was known, earned a well-deserved reputation for quality catering tailored to corporate meetings.  Our entire business was built around meeting the needs of corporate clients, and this remains our primary focus.  As a lucky coincidence, this also allows us to be closed on evenings and weekends, which allows our employees to enjoy a work/life balance that is unique in the world of food service.

In 2019, Mike sold the business to Rod Salyer, a Denver-based entrepreneur.  After earning a marketing degree from Kansas State University and an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Rod gained ample experience in growing or improving various businesses.  He also became a loyal Gourmet to Go customer.  His combination of experience, passion for good food and understanding of our client’s needs made this a natural fit.

So why Gourmet for Good?

Why change the name from Gourmet to Go?  Doing good for the community is an important part of what drives us to do our best every day.  One of Rod’s guiding motivations is a desire to engage in the economic empowerment and food security of people who need a hand.   Since 1998, Rod has been an adviser, board member and investor in a business that is empowering farm families in the country of Laos.  Through this work, about 10,000 families have enjoyed a 40% increase in income.  He also raised and distributed hurricane relief in Puerto Rico a few weeks after Hurricane Maria, volunteers his time to various local and global aid organizations, and sponsors several children around the world.  Addressing hunger and creating jobs have always been a passion of his.  It now drives our company.  Renaming our company as Gourmet for Good is a daily reminder to everyone here that we intend to be a vehicle for improving our world.

Gourmet for Good is actively seeking opportunities to partner with Colorado-based food charities that assist Coloradans who struggle to find food and economic empowerment.  We believe that private enterprise can and should lead in these efforts.  It is our sincere hope that you join us in considering how all of us can help make the front range of Colorado a place where everyone can thrive.  By catering with Gourmet for Good, your purchase will feed your office well, and will feed others in the community well too.

About Our Service

Feeling confident and comfortable with a caterer is important. Working with a knowledgeable, informed staff is essential. Knowing your food will be delivered on time is crucial. Our staff recognizes and addresses these concerns. From your initial phone call to our on-time delivery, Gourmet for Good provides corporate professionalism in catering.

About Our Presentation

We focus as much attention on the presentation of our food as we do on the preparation of our food. From our clear box lunches to our exceptionally designed, ready-to-serve trays, Gourmet for Good makes first rate look great.

About Our Food

We start with top quality ingredients to ensure a first rate product. We make our fresh salads daily, adding no preservatives. Our meats are top grade. Our marinades, sauces and salad dressings are made by hand in our kitchen.  Our desserts are baked from scratch. Not all ingredients are listed. Please alert us of any allergies.