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September brings with it the very last days of summer. Labor Day has come and gone, and the Autumn Equinox is just around the corner. And as the season goes, so goes our Summer 2018 menu! Lots of popular new specials, as well as some old favorites, will be going away to make room for all new specials and favorites on our Fall 2018 menu. Our upcoming Fall offerings are still under wraps (though I can give you a hint that some classic autumnal favorites will be returning), but we can tell you for sure which items currently available will get whisked away in just a few weeks.

Hot Buffets
Aloha Chicken and Salmon
Suite Summertime
Pasta Fresca
Solstice Chicken

Thai Ginger Chicken
Italian Job
Triple Play
Garden Veggie

Summer Quinoa
Lululime Chicken
Lululime Salmon
Mediterranean Steak
Grand Mesa Chicken

So whether you’ve been dying to try and haven’t had the opportunity yet, or you just can’t get enough, don’t miss your last chance to order any of these Summer options before time runs out. The last day these tasty Summer treats are available is Friday, September 28th. Come Monday, October 1st, Fall will have officially begun at Gourmet for Good!


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