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Boardroom Wok

The Boardroom Wok is just one of many delicious options!

Spring is here, and in true Colorado fashion, that means snowstorms followed immediately by sunshine, yo-yo-ing temperatures, and perhaps most importantly here at Gourmet for Good, it means a new menu for you to sink your teeth into!

Spring is the perfect time for bright, fresh flavors; a palette cleanser after all the heavy foods we crave during winter. With no further ado, here’s the low-down on what dish will be the perfect pairing for your group.

1) Spring Fling

Easily our most popular springtime dish, it just wouldn’t feel like spring without the Spring Fling! Chicken and salmon are paired with young asparagus and an utterly dreamy fresh lemon-dill sauce, all served over herb-tossed al dente pasta. If you’ve never tried this one, make sure to get it while it lasts!

2) Argentina Grill

If you want something with that lovely herbaceous springtime flavor, but want to branch away from the traditional lemon and dill, the Argentina Grill is the way to go. Chicken breast and beef tenderloin are served atop a colorful roasted potato medley and topped with our house-made chimichurri sauce. Not familiar with chimichurri? Take garlic, parsley, oregano, and olive oil, and blend them together until you have a sauce that tastes like spring itself.

3) Boardroom Wok
For an Asian take on springtime freshness, the Boardroom Wok focuses on fresh vegetables rather than herbs. This lightly stir-fried noodle dish is loaded with tender-crisp carrots, crunchy celery, sauteed red bell peppers, and chopped green onions, plus diced chicken and strips of beef. A sweet, tangy Asian sauce of our own devising gives it a finishing flavor sure to please every palette.

4) Chicken Accento
Looking for something hearty enough to keep you going through those Colorado spring snowstorms? The Chicken Accento is the perfect choice. Pan-seared chicken is served over rice and topped with our pancetta, mushroom, artichoke heart, and fresh thyme cream sauce. The complex layering of rich cream and delicious flavors will give you something far more pleasant to think about than snow when there should be sun.

5) Pasta Fresca
A classic springtime pasta dish, the Pasta Fresca steers clear of traditional heavy pasta sauces and instead compliments ripe red tomatoes, tender baby spinach, and diced sauteed chicken with the light touch of olive oil, shaved parmesan, and fresh garlic. True to it’s name, the Pasta Fresca is the kind of fresh flavor that only springtime can bring.