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New Year’s is just around the corner, and in addition to staying up all night drinking champagne with friends, that means a new seasonal menu is just around the corner for Gourmet for Good!



After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, winter can lose some of its luster. No more brightly colored lights, or festive music; instead the new year is a time to curl up in the peace and quiet of your own home enjoying the tastes and smells of good old fashioned cooking. Since skipping work all winter to stay home isn’t an option for most people, Gourmet for Good is bringing home to the office with our new Winter 2016 menu.

Winter is the perfect time for something hearty and warm. That’s why we’re bringing back our Upper Crust buffet. Tender, juicy chicken breast encrusted with savory herbed breadcrumbs, served atop classic homestyle mashed potatoes, and then lightly drizzled with our house-made sage gravy. The Upper Crust is a perfect mid-day break that will make the office feel like home!

Or, if you’re one of the many transplants that have moved to our fair city in the last year, the Windy City Pasta might be what strikes that homesick cord for you. A Chicago-style baked pasta dish, the Windy City comes with penne noodles baked to perfection in our tangy homemade marinara, with sliced Italian sausage, and roasted peppers and onions.

Maybe you came here from warmer climates and want something with more of a Southwestern flair to help warm you up on these cold winter days? Our Southwest Grill pairs chipotle seasoned chicken and salmon atop our savory and colorful fiesta rice. Garnished with a classic sweet corn and black bean salsa, the Southwest Grill will help you feel at home more than any chain restaurant’s burritos and tacos.

However, if celebrating with the Stock Show in January is how you like to ring in the new year, our Wild Wild West buffet comes with shredded beef and chicken tossed in sweet barbeque sauce, along with sesame sandwich buns and shredded cheddar cheese. Your inner cowpoke will definitely approve of this do-it-yourself option. And while napkins may not have been a thing in the Old West, we definitely recommend them for this buffet.

And last but not least, our Godfather buffet gives you the best of old world and new world flavors by serving pan seared chicken breast and grilled beef tenderloin in a rich tomato cream sauce. Lightly seasoned rice helps to balance the richness of the sauce while your Italian grandmother will undoubtedly approve from afar of this modern interpretation of a vodka sauce.