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Flavors that warm you up. Food that fills you up. Fall is one of the most beloved seasons, and for good reason. In addition to a break from the sweltering heat, the stunning Colorado landscape becomes even more beautiful as the leaves change color to soft yellows, vibrant oranges, and rich reds. And on top of that, fall is all about the kinds of food that makes you feel warm and cozy. Not too heavy, not too light, fall foods hit the same “just right” spot that fall weather does. So here’s a list of our new fall flavors that will be “just right” for your group too:

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala
    Tikka Masala

    Curry may not be what you usually think of when you think “Fall Flavors”, but trust us when we say it hits all the right notes for a perfect autumn meal. The spices are mild enough that even the most sensitive of palettes will be appeased (and I should know), but the tomato cream sauce is still rich, flavorful, and smoky. If your group is interested in new and exciting flavors, we heartily recommend giving this a try.
  2. Rosemary Chicken
    Rosemary Chicken

    Nothing says the changing of the seasons quite the same as fresh rosemary. The smell – woody, herbaceous, and sharp – brings back memories of roasting chicken in the fall, the savory aroma filling the house as it roasts for hours. Paired atop bright, multi-colored potatoes, this is a feast for all of the senses.
  3. Taste of Italy
    Taste of Italy

    When it comes to warming you up, you just can’t beat the pleasure of perfect pasta. But if your inner child is anything like mine, trying to decide between tangy marinara and creamy alfredo sauce can be a daunting challenge. Much better to have some of both, and to mix and match with homemade meatballs, savory Italian sausage, and shredded roast chicken. Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun!
  4. Harvest Risotto
    Harvest Risotto

    No fall menu would be complete without at least one dish featuring the king of the season: the magnificent squash.  And the only thing that could make the sweet, creamy flavor of butternut squash better is roasting it, and adding it to a rich risotto, positively gooey with parmesan cheese. The sweetness of the squash is balanced with savory chicken, and sauteed zucchini adds a pop of color and garden-fresh flavor.
  5. Miso Chicken and Salmon
    Miso Chicken and Salmon

    And of course, not every Fall meal has to be rich in order to be decadent. The sweet miso glaze makes a bold contrast to the more traditional Americana fare found elsewhere. Juicy chicken and tender salmon provide the perfect backdrop to this Asian-infused meal that takes the concept of autumn balance to a whole new level.