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Our new Fall 2018 Menu is here, and with so many delicious options to try, you may be wondering where to start!

Mix-and-match, or try it all!

If you’re feeling a little lost about what new Fall menu items sound best, we definitely suggest starting here. Only available from October through December every year, the Taste of Italy is a hearty mix-and match buffet with something for everyone. Each of your guests can choose between cheese filled tortellini with creamy alfredo, or al dente penne pasta with tangy marinara, then pair it with shredded roast chicken, tender meatballs, or spicy Italian sausage. The beauty of a mix-and-match style buffet it that all of your guests get to curate their own meal, with their own personal favorites!

Rounding out the buffet you’ll also receive our Caesar side salad, with black olives and shaved parmesan over mixed greens, and our unbeatable house-made golden croutons and Caesar dressing on the side. Add to that the fact that bistro rolls and our daily dessert variety tray are also included, and you’ve got a filling meal that’s sure to please.

The Taste of Italy is a long-standing favorite among our clients here in the Denver Metro area, and we think your guests will feel the same! If you’d like to treat your group to this delectable dish, you can find it in the Hot Buffets section of our menu. We are happy to take care of your catering needs online, over the phone, or however is most convenient for you!


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